Hi! We’re Dhruv, Suman, and Dani, the founders of BlueUrbn. We just launched our company and are looking for founding engineers, product designers, and core team members to join us on our adventure! 👋🏼

This is a super critical and exciting time for BlueUrbn - we’re a team of five grad students at Stanford with a deep passion for climate and energy. Suman and I came together as part of a class taught by Dave Danielson, Breakthrough Energy’s Managing Director, and we haven’t looked back since. For the coming year, we’re super committed to hyper-scaling our mission and building the world’s largest marketplace for energy efficient products and clean energy technologies. 🚀 We’re hiring for key roles across the core team for BlueUrbn, and together, we’re going to make magic!

Energy and climate startups around the world are thriving - and so is the demand for energy technologies ranging from solar, storage, IoT systems, … Every homeowner, business owner, and enterprise now wants to install the newest tech on the market, and they it for a host of reasons - sustainability, cost savings, reliability, and high performance. The problem is that it’s far too difficult to implement a project. For building owners, understanding what to do, where to take action, and then connect with the right vendors, finance providers and contractors takes AGES and costs THOUSANDS of $. That’s clearly not the way it should be, and precisely why we want to build a platform that automates project deployment and makes it simple, transparent and cost-effective to take action. Buildings account for close to 40% of global emissions, and we need to act now.

As part of the core team, we want you to be ALL IN. We want you to hustle hard, take charge of your ideas, and DREAM BIG. 💭

TL/DR: we’re building a platform to scale energy efficiency and clean energy technologies, and we’re looking for fantastic people to bring on board.

🤼 Roles That We’re Hiring For:

🙌🏼 The Top 3 Qualities That We’re Looking For In Any Team Member: